Helping you make the most of your NDIS plan

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Helping you make the most of your NDIS plan

Get Started

We understand how overwhelming it is getting your NDIS plan. We are here to help you get started. Our service will help you feel confident to move forwards and get the most from your NDIS plan funding.

Choose from the following resources to kickstart your NDIS plan

Explaining your Plan (Learning Module)

Finding and Choosing Service Providers (Learning Module)

Budgeting your Providers (Learning Module)

Myplace Portal

Navigating the Myplace Portal (Learning Module)

NDIS Plan Support - how it works

How it works

We help you get started with your plan and make sure your plan works for you! There is no out-of-pocket expense to you to access this service. Funding for plan support can come out of your Core or Capacity Building budgets.

Assist Plan Support is invoiced after the chosen learning modules are emailed to you.

There is a fee of $141.74* per learning module provided.

*Please note the fee per module may vary slightly based on current NDIS pricing arrangements, the funding category used and for remote participants.

Phone support is also provided free of charge.

NDIS Plan Support - Why choose us

Why choose us?

We are registered NDIS service providers and have completed intensive training in how to support you with your plan. Our clients appreciate the care and commitment we show in supporting them to get the most from their plans and achieve their goals.

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“I want to take this opportunity to thank you for how efficient you all always are and how well you handle my NDIS plan but also for everyone there being so helpful and “personal”.  Making me feel human and not like a number.”

“My NDIS plan has finally “taken off” and I feel you’re the best part of my plan.  So glad I found you.  I feel very fortunate.”

“This fund and your support has saved my life.

I have only felt completely and totally impressed, grateful, lucky and relieved each time I have experienced connection with Assist… Really I don’t know if I have ever experienced such consistent respectful care in my whole life.”

Thank you again for helping me so much over these really tricky first few months.

I do feel far more hopeful about what’s ahead, and things are lining up enough now that I can see it will all be ok.”

“You covered everything perfectly and I am really pleased we swapped over to your service. It was difficult to move forward with our previous provider as they refused to help us with any plan management training and didn’t seem to understand what Jason’s funding categories covered and they constantly billed things to the wrong categories.

Assist Plan are the perfect plan partners in the journey for us 😊”

“You always remember the gems along the rocky road and Assist are certainly one of them.”


What is Assist NDIS Plan Support?

Assist NDIS Plan Support is specifically designed to help participants once they have their plan. Most Plan Support clients don’t have funding for support coordination but still need some assistance to get started.

How is Assist NDIS Plan Support different to Plan Management?

Plan management is the management of your funding, in particular the processing of your invoices and paying your service providers. Assist Plan Support helps to understand your plan and offer suggestions on how to best utilise your plan funding; create a budget for your funding and providers; connect you to service providers and supports to meet your goals.

How is Assist NDIS Plan Support different to Support Coordination?

Assist Plan Support is specifically designed to help you get started with your plan and your plan funding. Support Coordination manages your registered and non-registered service providers to meet the goals of your plan.

How will Assist NDIS Plan Support help me get the most from my NDIS Plan Funding?

Assist Plan Support will help you understand your plan and budget your service providers with your plan funding and NDIS goals.

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Get in touch

Assist NDIS Plan Support is here to support you right from the start of your NDIS plan, providing assistance when you need it most.

We want to see you reach your goals and we believe that the first step to doing this is to ensure you’re getting the most value and benefit from your NDIS Plan, that’s where we come in, get in touch today!

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Helping you make the most from your NDIS plan

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